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致各會友, 我們的合氣道訓練將會在十月份復課,請注意復課安排。

訓練將會在 *星期二及四 晚上* 和 *星期六或日 下午*。 詳細時間及地點將會每週更新大家 或 可瀏覽我們網站上的時間表。



學費安排:上一季停課前預繳了學費的會友會保留2個月學費,並順延至十月及十一月份 或 在個別人士復課起開始計算2個月,所有安排須在二零二一年三月三十一日前完成。


本心會將於10月份復課,請保持您的會員資格有效,再次投入訓練!  The Aikido training will be resumed in October, please keep your membership active and training again!
COMING SOON for Aikido Classes!

The latest resumption schedule for Aikido

To all members, our Aikido training will resume in October. Please pay attention to the new training schedule.

The training will be on Tuesdays and Thursday night also Saturday or Sunday afternoon. The detailed Time and Location will be updated every week or you can browse the timetable on our website.

Training needs to comply with legal regulation (required to wear a mask at all times within the indoor sports premises, each group must consist of no more than four persons; there are at least 1.5 metres between each group, etc.). We will make corresponding arrangements in accordance with the law. I hope you will understand and cooperate.

Thank you for your kind attention.

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