11th International Aikido Federation (IAF) Congress & Seminar - Shigeru Sugawara Shihan (菅原 繁)


Another major benefit of the Keiko and the Seminar was the opportunity to act as Uke for the teachers. I was lucky enough to have Shigeru Sugawara Shihan (菅原 繁) choose me as his Uke during the 11th IAF Seminar, this honour is generally reserved for Ushi-deshi.

It was not uncommon for the teachers to circulate during the class in Hombu Dojo, giving each person the opportunity to act as Uke. And if one is lucky enough, one may be selected to act as Uke while the teacher demonstrates a technique for the entire class. It was quite an experience to feel the power when being thrown by the teachers.

Video Clip: Courtesy of International Aikido Federation (IAF) and Aikikai Foundation 公益財団法人合気会


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